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Universal Orlando Resort

When you take your first few steps into Universal Orlando you will realize all of your favorite blockbusters will come to life. Not only do you get to see some of your favorite characters and scenes from movies in real life, you actually get the opportunity to step behind the scenes for yourself and see what Hollywood is all about! Universal Orlando does an amazing job at mixing thrill and adventure together in it’s rides, shows, and more. You can explore two of the most thrilling theme parks in the world all during your stay in Orlando.

Universal Studios

Every has their own favorite movie, it just so happens that in this case you may just be able to become one with your personal favorite, Universal Studios has nearly exact replicas of popular scenes from some of the worlds greatest movies. In these areas of the park you can part take in some of the most thrilling rides. At Universal Studios Orlando there are 7 major areas of the park:

Production Central

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – Recently opened in late Spring of 2009 the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit has become one of the best roller coasters in Central Florida, as well as the only personalized roller coaster in the world. In this ride you are able to choose your own type of music and listen to it thought the duration of the ride.

Shrek 4D – Based on the popular children’s movies, the Shrek 4D ride features an alternative ending to the movie with many unpredicted acts in between. Once you sit down and put the 3D glasses on you will not want to get out, especially when you feel the heat, water and rough ride just as if you were in the movie yourself!

Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast – Blast off with one of the smartest kid you know! The child prodigy Jimmy Neutron will take you on a ride on Jimmy’s newest invention. This ride is one of the most realistic feeling rides in the world so make sure you strap up and take a ride witch this intelligent young man on your trip to Universal Studios.

New York

New York is a pretty self explanatory part of the park, if you’ve never been to the big apple this is probably as close as you’ll get to the real thing with out actually going there. If you are in this part of the park of the right time of the day you’ll be able to see a variety of shows and parades, check guides for an updated list of times.

Twister…Ride it Out – This ride is perfect for anyone wanting to witness what a real tornado feels like without actually having to put themselves in danger! You can go into a nearly exact replication of the home featured in the Twister movie, and see all of the rattling and shaking associated with a real twister, keep your eyes open for some flying cows!

Revenge of the Mummy – You’d have to be a very odd person to expect to find a real Mummy in New York but at Universal Studios anything is possible! The Revenge of the Mummy is one of the most interesting rides because its all indoors and all in the dark so you’ll never know what to expect

The Blues Brothers – If you’re looking for the most interactive ride in the park then you’re in luck, The Blues Brothers is more of a parade than a ride but you will get to see everything just like you were in the movie yourselves, wave your hands to the actual brothers and don’t be surprised if they talk back!

San Francisco/Amity

Beetlejuice’s Rock n Roll Graveyard Revue – One of the most interesting shows in the Central Florida area and probably the world itself is Beetlejuice’s Rock n Roll Graveyard Revue ;

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