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Cruises to Europe

Europe holds a wide variety of great vacation options. Whether you are visiting the birthplace of Western Culture, or traveling the mountainous terrain of southern Russia, the diversity of this large land mass offers more entertainment and adventures than you can imagine. While Europe was the primary start for all culture as we know it, you can find amazing structures and historic sites dating hundreds and thousands of years. These amazing buildings, cities and artifacts are a primary attraction for tourists visiting the area.

The North Atlantic Oceans borders the entire West Coast of Europe. Yo7u can find Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Greece and Italy all by water, or in our terms, by cruise! Each country holds a fun and unique set of tourist’s attractions. Whether it is modern architecture, monuments, cities or even arts, you’re sure to have a wide variety to choose from as you sail these deep blue waters along the coast. Rarely will you find a cruise line that isn’t spending less than a week in these waters, and that is plenty of time to get in on all the action!

The Coliseum in Rome!Europe holds some of the most life altering pieces of history under its arm, primarily in and around Ancient Greece. Since Greece is almost completely surrounded by water, and has the tenth largest coastline in the world measuring 9,246 miles long; cruise lines find ways to access the entire country via ports. Excursions to just about everywhere are always to be expected, and visiting some of the most amazing sites are just as simple as writing your name on a list. Whether you’re visiting the timeless city of Athens or venturing to the foot of Mount Olympus there is sure to be the perfect plan for you and your loved ones when you make an adventure to the beautiful country of Greece.

The Piazz della Repubblica in Rome!Italy, well known for its famous Rome, is often a fan favorite for those visiting Europe. Its beautiful arts and culture offer an amazing vacation opportunity. Rome is known to be the birthplace of Western Culture, and because of its significance to Europe, this city is held in high esteem, and much of its original architecture has been preserved. A popular place to visit is the Coliseum, a massive structure where gladiators from around world came to battle. A common for family photos and tours is the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele the second. The Piazz della Repubblica is where you can find the beautiful and artistic Fountain of the Naiads, The Eiffal Tower in Paris!a must for anyone visiting the beautiful city of Rome. These are just a few of the major sites and attractions, Rome is chock full of great stuff to do and see!

Another great thing to do while visiting the Europe area is to see the capital of France. The city of Paris is a life long dream for travelers and adding it to the list of places to visit while you’re on your cruise can make the trip all the memorable. Paris is full of great attractions, but the most popular by far is the Eiffel Tower. This massive steel structure built in 1889 stands 1,063 feet tall, and in it self is an architectural piece of art. Located on the very top of the tower is a restaurant that overlooks the entire city, a romantic getaway for those visiting the city and a must for a true world traveler!

The beautiful city of Girona!Many people visit the beautiful and mountain filled country of Spain. The beautiful landscapes and gorgeous beaches make it a prime candidate for anyone wanting to get off the ship. A common place for ships to stop is near El Sardinero Beach, where the waters a bright hue and the beaches is always crowded. Spain is full of history, most notably the castles that are scattered over the landscapes. Remarkably these huge and amazing structures have remained intact, and are commonly visited for tours and exploring. Visitors the Spain often visit the unique and amazing city of Girona for its awesome water ways and beautiful horizon. These are just a few of the great attractions that Spain holds, and if you decide to make an excursion off the ship, you’re sure to find an endless supply of entertainment!

Europe has over 130 ports for cruise liners, making it perfect for onshore exploration. These are only a few of the more prominent cities and attractions you will find in this massive region, so be sure to make your cruise plans wisely and get in as much adventure as you can during your visit to Europe!

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