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Cruises to the Bahamas

The Tropical side of the Bahamas!As one of the number one vacation destinations the Bahamas are a fun and exiting adventure that few have the opportunity to enjoy! These beautiful islands are a fun and unique tropical adventure that offers you the perfect getaway from the everyday life! These twenty nine islands and 661 cays are every ocean lovers dream, and because it’s located out in the Atlantic Ocean it is only accessible by boat! Just about every cruise line you can find offers a vacation package to the Bahamas, making your choice of travel as numerous as the islands themselves!

The most popular island is the Bimini Island, located the closest to the United States it is the most visited island for visitors and tourists alike. With beautiful beaches hidden resorts it’s the perfect oasis for anyone to just relax. With fun little attractions and tours all year round Bimini Island is a common stop for most cruise lines. As the closest island to the U.S. there is a good chance this will be your first stop of many along your ocean adventure.

The beautiful Bahamas!Many other Cruise lines suggest that you bring binoculars to spot animals off the side of the boat. However, when you’re in the Bahamas you will probably find yourself leaving the boat more than hanging out on deck. With amazing beaches and hidden coves the Bahamas offer some of the most relaxing hide outs you will ever find! Lucky for you, the cruise lines know about all these amazing locations and you can find yourself onshore enjoying the Bahamas sun, or on deck enjoying the view. So yes, bring your binoculars, but also expect some up close encounters with the exotic sea life that will give you lifelong memories!

One of the best parts about the Bahamas is that the native language is English, so communicating with the inviting locals is easy! With seaside shops and attractions you can spend your time relaxing on the beach or browsing through the extensive array of tourist souvenirs! The locals offer unique and fantastic tours of the islands, so when your boat stops, another one can start! If you plan to go big you can even tour the islands via plane and enjoy the beautiful sites from an angle that few have the opportunity to see!

No matter the occasion, the length of time your staying or what cruise line you take, your visit to the Bahamas is going to be a memorable occasion. Enjoy twenty nine individual islands and the beautiful scenery stretched for miles inbetween. These amazing tropical paradises are just awaiting for you to explore their small and large surfaces all over the Atlantic!

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